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Bela Raja is a counsellor and special educator training children with learning difficulties

In an effort to reach this objective, this website will help:


Parents understand the difficulty in learning that their children might be facing


Educators recognise a potentially ‘at risk’ child



Primary teachers understand the development of reading and writing skills in young children



Teachers source worksheets and other teaching aids to use with children


Children with Learning Difficulties - The Book



How do you get your inattentive child to listen to you with rapt attention?

How do you make the English spelling class the most looked forward to class of the week?

What can you do to make the learning of multiplication tables fun ?

This book not only makes learning joyous for the taught but also enriches and stimulates the teacher in the process. While the objective is to make learning easier for children who have learning difficulties, the teaching strategies described in this book can be used with nearly all children.

A book for Children with Learning Difficulties


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